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Emma Osprey family attracts avid fan base

July 1, 2019

Pitkin County’s open spaces are home to a wide variety of wildlife, but none with a greater fan base than the family of Ospreys at Emma Open Space.

From the time the pair of breeding ospreys return to Emma, usually in late March, until the young fledge in August, the Emma Osprey Cam gives devotees a bird’s-eye view of life atop a tall pole in the midvalley where, for the first time this year, three nestlings are jostling to survive. So far, so good.


Locally rare orchid among Filoha’s delights

May 29, 2019

One of Filoha Meadows’ most significant attributes is also among its most diminutive. In fact, visitors regularly get down on hands and knees and use a magnifier to get a better view.


Moose making themselves at home in Roaring Fork Valley

April 26, 2019

Moose aren’t native to Colorado and the Roaring Fork Valley, but you’d never know it.

They’re the largest member of the deer family and found throughout the northern regions of North America, but historical records dating back to the 1850s indicate only the occasional, transient moose wandered into northern Colorado from Wyoming, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. They did not establish a breeding population.