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Spring brings a raucous display to Glassier’s marsh

April 29, 2024


A male red-winged blackbird displays its colors in the Glassier Open Space marsh. OST photo

A male Red-winged blackbird displays its colors. Open Space and Trails photo

The outdoors has come alive with the sounds of bird life, but there may not be a noisier spot than the marsh at Glassier Open Space.


Successful cheatgrass battle keys Red Wind Point restoration

Dried cheatgrass is flammable and unpalatable as forage.

Cheatgrass outcompeting native vegetation.

On a high meadow at Red Wind Point Open Space, something remarkable is happening.


Next time you’re on Smuggler, look up!

April 1, 2024
Towering lodgepole pines on Smuggler Mountain Open Space.

Towering lodgepole pines on Smuggler Mountain Open Space.

The views of Aspen from Smuggler Mountain Open Space are no doubt a highlight of the hike up Smuggler Mountain Road, but if you venture into the interior of the 232-acre open space, you’ll be treated to a different sort of spectacular sight. All you need to do is look up.