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Yep, Ospreys are piscivores

August 31, 2020

An Osprey chick at the Emma nest devours a trout.

It’s no secret that Ospreys as a species are piscivores (fish-eating animals), but just how much does a family of four consume? The Osprey nest at Emma Open Space was among the sites providing the answer this summer.


OST begins field testing on sagebrush restoration

Sagebrush test plots in the Brush Creek Valley.

Throughout the West, and in Pitkin County’s backyard, sagebrush shrublands have been lost, fragmented and altered by human activity. Getting them back isn’t easy, but Open Space and Trails has launched a study of potential methods to regenerate native sagebrush with the goal of restoring sagebrush on larger landscapes.


Time to fix the leak at North Star’s fen

August 3, 2020

The North Star fen is the dark, pond-like area.

What does it take to enhance a wetland at North Star Nature Preserve? Sometimes not too much! Open Space and Trails will soon begin a wetland restoration project at the Preserve.