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Wild turkeys a reintroduction success story

November 1, 2021

Wild Merriam turkey hens at Wheatley Open Space.

November brings a guaranteed turkey dinner to many a household, but it’s the rare feast that sports a wild Merriam, harvested locally, on a platter.


Sky Mountain Park elk hunt returns Nov. 24-28

Elk gather at Sky Mountain Park in early fall.

This will be the eighth year that a limited elk hunt takes place at Sky Mountain Park. It is an unusual occurrence, as hunting is not permitted on any other Pitkin County Open Space and Trails property. In fact, it is strictly prohibited.


Planting the tiny seeds of sagebrush restoration

October 4, 2021

Pitkin County’s sage growing at the Upper Colorado River Environmental Plant Center.

Can unimaginably tiny seeds help turn back the clock a century or more in the Brush Creek Valley? Pitkin County Open Space and Trails is determined to find out.