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Pitkin County plays role in statewide elk study

November 4, 2019

An elk calf in the Avalanche herd is collared in the high country (left) and a cow elk is collared at Glassier Open Space.

The survival of elk calves is the focus of a 6-year, statewide study that will enter its second year in 2020 with continuing support from Pitkin County Open Space and Trails.


Filoha orchid specimens join national collection

September 30, 2019

From left, a stream orchid specimen from flower to root, the flowers of the stream orchid and the western bog orchid.

As home to two species of native orchids, Filoha Meadows Nature Preserve’s contributions to the world of plant ecology are extending beyond its borders. This year, the open space was again tapped to provide plant samples and seeds for a national effort to conserve the orchid heritage of the United States and Canada.


Moore Open Space – an inholding of habitat

August 29, 2019

Pitkin County’s Moore Open Space, roughly 64 acres on the edge of Aspen, was among the county’s first significant open space acquisitions. Heralded at the time of its purchase, in 1992, as a remnant of an ecosystem that was rapidly disappearing from the upper Roaring Fork Valley, Moore remains a special inholding of remarkable habitat.