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Soil moisture monitors reveals unseen story

February 1, 2021

An iRON soil moisture monitor on Independence Pass. (Karin Teague photo)

While this winter’s snowpack, or relative lack thereof, garners all the headlines, the depth of the snow is only half of the story when it comes to water availability in 2021. What’s beneath the ground’s surface, hidden from view, will play an important role in everything from how much water winds up in rivers and reservoirs, to how the wildfire season shapes up.


Wintertime a busy time on open spaces

January 4, 2021

Behind locked gates and closure signs, hidden in dense oak brush and muffled by deepening snow, Sky Mountain Park is busy – not with the throngs of mountain bikers, hikers and runners who cruise its trails during the summer months, but with wildlife.


Beavers keeping busy at North Star

November 30, 2020

As North Star Nature Preserve moves into its quiet season, leaving Nordic skiers awaiting snow and the river no longer viable to float, the beaver population has been quite busy.