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Pick up the poop – it’s your doody

February 28, 2022

Even before the first wildflowers of spring nudge upward through the matted detritus laid bare by the receding snow, something else will emerge in fetid, unsightly quantities. Nothing spells springtime in our corner of the Rockies like a winter’s worth of dog poo.


Small open space plays a big role in conservation

January 31, 2022


At just 38 acres, Deer Creek Open Space in Snowmass Canyon has proven surprisingly important from a wildlife habitat standpoint.


Oh, birdy, it’s cold outside

January 3, 2022

A Black-capped Chickadee takes flight on the Lani White Trail. Janet Urquhart photo

Then there comes a time when it is almost the only thing to lend a touch of life and a note of gladness to the bleak outdoors. – William Atherton Dupuy